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Selling some of our haunt items pretty cheap.

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Here are the links to 2 of our ebay items. If you build your own props the parts auction is a steal. The starting price is less than what 2 door closers would retail for. But you get 3 extra and 3 solenoid valves. If you have the Terror Syndicate books these are the parts they use to build their props. Also have a great deal on a GIANT hanging prop that is brand new. Here are the links:

Pneumatic parts for the home haunter solenoids air ram - eBay (item 170315930301 end time Apr-04-09 15:16:41 PDT)


Halloween prop 12 foot hanging creature crank ghost - eBay (item 170315929169 end time Apr-04-09 15:10:51 PDT)
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1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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