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Hello Everyone,

Due to health problems, I won't be able to keep doing my annual home haunt.
I have many, many items I'd like to sell all together. I have well over $1200.00
of Frightprops electronic gear and other items. All well taken care of and
stored properly and with care.

Asking $ 625.00 for all of it.

If you need more info email me : billredd @ yahoo . com
Text me @ 727 424 0926

Will ship it all FREE to U.S. Lower 48. Other shipping destinations,
will need to get a quote.

Everything is in excellent working condition, most of it in the original boxes/packaging.
Most used only once for a few hours, a couple items were used 2 seasons
(approx 8 hours total use)


1-BooBox Flex $179.98 x1 +SIM Card
1-PicoBoo AC $109.99 x1
3-PicoBoo $269.97 x3 $ 89.99 ea
1-PicoBoo One $ 49.99 x1

3-Way Valve with 1/4 Inch Ports $ 27.69 ==== x7 + (1)5-port, (1)1-way approx $249.21

Step Mat Trigger (18x24) $ 24.99 x1
Step Mat Trigger (9x15) $ 19.99 x1
Fem Pwr Adapter w/Screw Term $ 1.79 x10 $ 17.90
12VDC Power Supplies $ 19.75 x9 $177.75
Prop Controller Motion Trigger $ 29.99 x5 $149.95

Over 100' of 1/4" tubing, misc pneumatic 1/4" fittings, variabiable volt wall transformers,
tubing cutter, FP-speakers, misc other speakers, wire,
many other items I will include misc small motors, motor controllers,
pretty much what ever I have that has come in handy to me over
the years...

++Also (1) double acting 6" throw cylinder with unvi. mounting brackets.
(BORE is I think 9/16 or 3/4) $25.00+ value

Bill Redd

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Electrical wiring Electronics Wire Technology Electrical supply

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What a deal! Sorry about you not being able to put on your haunt. I'm sure your gear went to a happy home (haunt)!
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