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Selling a Majority of my Home Haunt!

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Well I am sad to say that I have to part with a majority of my home haunt. I have had little to no time to put it together and I am looking to move to vegas to grow in my career choice of being a Pastry Chef. Here are a few pictures of props I have. I will be posting more and more as times allows me. Make me an offer on the item and I will charge actual shipping prices.

Starting with these:

Side Note, all tombstones and alter table have been sold already!

I will be posting a list of other props i have! I have a bunch of body parts, life size props, freaky flyers, and masks!
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Hey, that sounds really neat why not do a horror legend theme in your haunt like Freddy Krueger, Jason Voorhees, Leatherface, Michael Myers, Pinhead, Scream, Chucky, etc... That will look pretty awesome.
I did this for my 2008 haunt and it was a big hit! Go to around 4:40. you can also watch alternate versions with the lights off or with my narration... (just go to my youtube channel)

YouTube - 2008 Scarewood Haunted House - Vid 2 - Lights On
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