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Hi! Im interested in these- but most of them I dont know what they look like. Can you point me to some sites that have pics? Ive been googling and cant find the items for sure. I listed the items with a * next to it meaning I really am very very interested and would want to buy asap if its the ones Ive seen, I just want to confirm.
I can be patient to see pics :) thumbdrives can be beastly. :(

5. Lady of the lake-35
6. Witch Doctor-35
7. Sea Hag-35

Life Size Props

5. Mario Chiodo Vampire with chalkboard sign-25 *
6. Gag Studios Gravely Butler-110
7. Morbid Industries granny apple witch-110 *
9. Animated Gemmy Butler (Black and green outfit)-offer *
10. Animated Gemmy butler with moving mouth (red outfit)-offer *
11. Macbre Mario chiodo witch-offer
13. Mario Chiodo White witch-45
14. 12 ft hanging ghoul fitco-30 *
15. Putrid Latex Mummy-55

Random Props

4. Spencers Demon with cross-55
5. Morbid Demon Trance-35

· Ghouls Rule
2,692 Posts
Kool thanks! I really like the nightwing and sea hag flyers. Do these have hands or just robes attached to the heads? Your original pics are kinda small so your white witch is hard to see, looks like a white glowy lol. :) I can sorta make out the 12ft ghoul, I think I may pass on him, though I wouldnt mind getting a closer view of his face when you get your drive up an running.

Put me down for sure the sea hag.

Maybe on white witch (need better pic, or is it similar to the macabre witch?).

Vampire with chalkboard, granny apple witch, gemmy butlers and spencers demon with cross I would like to see some linkage or can wait on pics. If the granny apple witch is the one Im thinking of I want her too, please, so put me down as strong maybe depending on pic.

Also, do you have hands and feet (costume or prop type) that your wanting tro get rid of? I am looking for stuff to make into props. Also any cool witch/hag type, wherewolf and vampire masks. Nothing too gory more on creepy side for props. Thanks!! :D
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