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Seeking X-Y Servo-Controlled Eye Movement

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I’m on monsterguts.com’s list to be notified when their two-axis skull eyes kit becomes available (sounds like they’re trying to establish a new skull supply for which they’ll adapt their animated eye assembly design).

In the interim, can someone please recommend an alternative two-axis illuminated eye product I might be able to adapt for a prop? I’ve got one of Adafruit’s “Monster M4SK” units (video eyes). It’s really neat, but I suspect the C++ programming skills required to assume control of the eye movements are well above mine. I’m looking for a solution that I can control using a couple of small servos driven by an Arduino.

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I have the Adafruit M4SK kit in a prop and it is really cool. It comes with code already installed that moves the eyes in random directions. If you want to write code for the movements you can, but you don’t have to.

I also just purchased this kit on Etsy which gets you 2 eyes that move right/left and up/down AND has eyelids. The guy is 3D printing most of the parts. I just got it yesterday and it’s going to take awhile to put it all together but I will add a post when I get it set up.
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