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Seeking X-Y Servo-Controlled Eye Movement

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I’m on monsterguts.com’s list to be notified when their two-axis skull eyes kit becomes available (sounds like they’re trying to establish a new skull supply for which they’ll adapt their animated eye assembly design).

In the interim, can someone please recommend an alternative two-axis illuminated eye product I might be able to adapt for a prop? I’ve got one of Adafruit’s “Monster M4SK” units (video eyes). It’s really neat, but I suspect the C++ programming skills required to assume control of the eye movements are well above mine. I’m looking for a solution that I can control using a couple of small servos driven by an Arduino.

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A Picotalk will control 2 or 3 movements with LED support. A PicoDMX will control 4. A ServoDMX will control 16 with Neopixel support. The first 2 mentioned can be programmed real time. The last you need to link a Booboxflexmax to allow programming via Director.
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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