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Hi Halloweeners!

Only a few days left to sign up! For those of you already signed up, use this thread to chat about your ideas, like, dislike, and anything else you fancy sharing!

Original Post:
Sign up starts on the 26th of September 2015, and will close at midnight on the 10th of October 2015.

For those who don’t know what Secret Reaper is, it’s like Secret Santa, except Halloween themed!

We are a little behind with our sign up, so I thought this year we’d start small. To join in, simply follow the instructions below!

Okay – here we go (adapted from Bethene’s rules):

1. The value of the gift must be £10 (give or take a £1).
2. The gift can be homemade, store bought, or both.
3. The gift MUST be Halloween related.
4. You must get a tracking number when sending your gift to your recipient.
5. You must ‘Personal Message (PM)’ Becky Murphy (or email [email protected]) the day you send your gift, along with the tracking number.
6. Send Becky Murphy a PM when you receive your gift so I can inform your reaper it has arrived.
7. If you having an issue with sending your gift, please contact Becky Murphy to see if it can be resolved.

Please note – IMPORTANT
If you do not send your gift, but receive one, you will be banned from further Secret Reapers.

If you agree to these terms and would like to participate, please message Becky Murphy (or drop me an email at [email protected]) with the following information:

> Name & Address.
> Likes/Dislikes/Themes (if any) and any other information you feel would help your Reaper send you the best Halloween gift. (E.g. Outdoor haunt, Indoor party, House decoration theme etc.)
Please send as many details as you can for your Reaper.
> Shipping preference as a Reaper. (E.g. UK, England/Wales/Scotland/Ireland specific, Europe and so on).

Lets bring the magic of Halloween to the UK!
Have fun everyone!

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Hi, here is my list :)


All things witchy: hats, black cats, cauldrons, spellbooks, hats, potion bottles and jars, spell ingredients, apothecary items, brooms, wands, signs. Handmade, charity shop finds as well are store bought are all good.

Rats – not mice
Crows and Ravens
Gothic themed items
Edgar Allan Poe books and items
Spiders and spider webs
Skeletons and skulls
Bats and Owls
Creepy Cloth
Halloween ornaments
Halloween themed candy, chocolate or lollipop moulds
Halloween baking supplies
Halloween wreaths
Halloween cloth tablecovers and napkins
Any fortune telling items
Pumpkins and Jack o Lanterns
Spooky Pictures
Halloween candle holders
Flameless Candles
Halloween 0r Autumn / Scented candles
Mad Scientist Lab items (as this will hopefully be next year's theme)
LED lighting (orange or green would be great)
Hanging props such as ghosts, witches, wizards, ghouls, reapers


Over the top gore
Dead baby dolls
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