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secret reaper group 2 wishlist... likes and dislikes to make shopping easier for all.

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secret reapers have been sent have fun shopping for your victim.......... :)

Hello guys and gals. I am starting a wish list page for group two. I'd like each of you to take an additional moment or two to type out a few things you like and don't like. Maybe something about your type of haunt if you do inside only or mostly outside etc..... This will help your reaper to get your gifts. I will be including the likes and dislikes list you sent when you signed up, but this will give you all an area to expand or add things you may have forgotten :)
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Well, I guess I'll go first...

My likes: blood/gore/ghosts/ghouls

Dislikes: glitter...some of the really cute stuff

I do an apartment haunt with some balcony stuff so most of it is inside.
I'll go next, and I can't wait to see who my victim is.... :)

Likes - more scary stuff, skulls, tombstones, ghosts, pumpkins, lights. Love even photos of tombstones. Homemade or not, books, I'm not really too picky. I do scrapbook... I have a new son celebrating his 1st halloween and I'm thinking of a lightening bug so glow sticks, tap light... :)

Dislikes - I agree with changedreality I'm not a fan of glitter. Not too much cute all though my son might change that a little. :)

I do mostly outside, this year will be either a swamp or now I'm leaning toward the haunted garden type theme. That other thread gave me lots of ideas.

I'm easy to please... :)

I guess me next:

I pretty much said it all in the pm but I will post here too, there may have been a few things I forgot to mention:

Likes: creepy dolls/plushies, music boxes, water globes, ghosts, witches, Wiccan, find any creepy looking turtles? gothic, horror fantasy, I'm decorating really small porch and inside. Any creepy kind of music, dark and melancholy, mysterious music. Anything freddy, jason, leatherface, etc. Anything Universal Monsters. Munsters. Nightmare before Christmas. Wizard of Oz, Labyrinth, pumpkins, divination, cauldrons, chocolate, books about ghost stories, abandoned buildings especially insane asylums and elaborate prisons, really anything to do with the darker side of life. I don't even mind the cute stuff as long as it's got something to do with Halloween or goth.

Dislikes: anything that tastes like licorice and anything to do with twilight. (I don't mind vampires otherwise just don't like the romance) Anything that looks too romantic.

Gore is okay as long as it's not a whole lot of gore.

I'm really not picky
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My turn....I am easy....really.....:). I love Halloween so anything really. I love pumpkins, witches, cats, ghost, bats etc.I decorate inside and out. Love things for my kitchen( witch theme) and bathrooms(pumpkin theme) I have a son who will be turning 7 on Oct 30th so it would need to be appropriate for him to see. I do not like blood, guts or gore since to me those are not Halloween. I am a more vintage Halloween girl.....lol. Honestly, whatever it is I will appreciate it since it will be given in the spirit of Halloween. Thanks to my "victim" in advance!
bump group 2......don't forget to put some of your wants and not wants on here so your reaper has a better chance of getting your stuff you like.....
I don't like gore. Other than that I'm good. I especially like witches, ghosts, pumpkins, haunted houses, and skeletons.
thnx for the bump...... I want to let everyone know I sent out secret reapers the day (early early morning) after the group closed to new participants.


If you don't please pm me and I'll make sure to send it to you again. I know we've had at least one person who didn't get theirs already.

Have fun shopping for your victims!
I've gotten a pm with the name and addy of the person I send to. If it isn't too late, I'll put some info here for my secret reaper to use. I like classic, vintage type stuff. I Do Not like "cute" Halloween- ghosts, pumpkins etc.. I have all the Universal Monster movies. I like black cats and bats. Skeletons. Glitter is good, I like sparkle. I love Martha Stewart Halloween stuff. I also do a lot of crafting, so ribbon etc. would work. I also like the really scary and gorey stuff.
another bump
I bought my first gift today:cool:
I have picked up several things so far. I'm hoping they will work well. I just wanted to remind everyone please post some ideas here I know I would love more lists of things that my victim would like to recieve.

Also remember gifts should be mailed by September 18th for group 2..... that's


days away. Happy shopping and post post post please. Help a reaper out..... :)
I agree....I wish my victim would post too because I'm beginning to run out of ideas!
I'm actually not posting anymore information on purpose. If I want a specific item I will go out and purchase it for myself. To me this is going to be way more fun if my reaper comes up with his/her own ideas and I'm totally surprised, I don't really care what I get it's all about the fun for me. I can't wait to see what everyone is going to end up getting.
I ordered a gift today off ebay, and I hope they ship it off in time for it to get to me before the deadline.
I understand about not giving out any particular ideas...and since you're not being too picky....but mine has given me too little to work with...not very general ideas to work with.
I know a lot of people don't want to be too specific or what not, but if you post maybe a note about the types of things you like, and also a few bits of info about yourself it often helps your reaper get a feel for the type of thing to look for for you ie he likes gross stuff wow I should get him this gory skeleton full of blood and guts.....etc. Don't have to be specific just help them out by telling what you tend to like don't like. :)
Im pretty easy, I like anything halloween. Except cutsey stuff. Oh, and no movies please. I want to be surprised so I dont want to get to specific.
This is what I sent with my email but I thought I would post it again:

Likes: Vintage Halloween imagery such as ghosts, scarecrows, jackos, crows, black cats, reapers. Love vintage decorations and reproductions of said decor. I'd rather have indoor decor since I am particular about the outdoor props. Cartoony is cool, not so into "realistic" looking characters usually likes fall somewhere in between. Like I said, can't have too many pumpkins and ghosts.

Dislikes: Gore. Blood. "Country" type decor, you know, super happy scarecrows and the like. Not so much into witches. Oh, and clowns. Icky icky clowns.

And also I am a big Disney's Haunted Mansion fan.
Pretty much if you stick to classic Halloween imagery I will be happy! :D

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