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Secret Reaper go to wish list for your Reapee

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Ok guys so most of you who are participating in the Secret Reaper by now have gotten your victim:rolleyes: so this is a thread that is to ASSIT the REAPER!!!! Another words you put down your likes and dislikes, I know we did that to an extent for Bethene but this would be a more detailed list to help our reaper out, I know I really want my Reapee to fills this sucker out. It would go something like this:

Spookilicious Mama:

Likes: Vintage, Funky, Glittery Halloween things, all things fabulous. Love all the Glamour Ghoul stuff at Michaels, Glittered bust, and all the things in that line. Anything Rikki makes:p (long walks on the beach and dipping marshmallows in a chocolate covered fountain:p)
Dislikes: Anything Gore related or bloody.

Should my Reaper be a prop maker:rolleyes: wouldnt mind getting anything that would add movement to my cemetery.

Ok next victim....your up:)
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I haven't gotten my Reapee yet. :(:confused:


Frankie's Girl:

Likes: Vintage or classic Halloween stuff. Black cats, pumpkins, skellies... handmade is good!

Dislikes: Not really into the extremely gory especially if it's for outside display (I do a classic graveyard display that is PG rated).

I am also mechanically challenged, so simple mechanics or movement (especially handmade) props would also be great. :eek:

You can check out my albums and get a general idea of the stuff I do. :)

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Waiting for my reapee too. So excited!

I do a house party. I don't do a haunt or get any TOTs so most decorating is inside. I have a witch's kitchen area, apothacary area, science lab (bathroom), and random decor. Check out last years party album for a glimpse.

Like: spiders, skulls, serving ware, most anything really. Sure I will love anything I get.
Dislike: gore, blood, cheesy looking

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i haven't gotten my reaper yet either.
but here's my list

spooky, scary, gothic, eerie, love homemade stuff, [pvc candles, shrunken heads, potion bottle labels] theme of haunt this year will be witchy items.
midnight syndicate out of darkness, i love blow molds [but don't like repeats so you would have to check out what i have], and last year big lots had this witch i would like if affordable.

gory, bloody, gross, aliens, and cutsy-have lots of movies already-nothing related to the exorcist, halloween, nightmare on elm street, friday the 13th, scream, texas chainsaw, or saw

whoohooo, i got my victum, hehehe, already know what i am giving. thanks bethene

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Just got my victim! So excited to go shopping.

Here are my likes and dislikes:

Likes: classic haunted mansion, Glamour ghoul, skulls, skeletons, anything elegant creepy to add to the inside or out. Potions, apothecary jars -- Martha Stewart BAD halloween fan.

Dislikes: nothing cutesie, not really a fan of 'orange' pumpkins, not too overtop gore, movies, dvds

Here's a link to my decorations slideshow:

DECORATIONS 2008 remix by kimb1023 - Photobucket

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Not got my victim yet, looking forward to finding out who it is though so i can start planning.

Likes: Classic halloween stuff, pumpkins, skeletons, ghosts & graveyards, witches, spooky, gore is fine. Anything i could decorate the house with really. Oh halloween scented candles are always a bonus.

Dislikes: Cutesy/cheesy

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Okay. Here goes:

Dislikes first: Anything gory/bloody

Likes: Everything else! (I'm totally easy to please!) I especially like anything to do with witches, pumpkins, ghosts, skeletons, and haunted houses.

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Got my "victim" today...totally excited!

Likes: I do a large party in my apartment, and it's themed each year. This year is Voodoo on the Bayou...so, anything Voodooish, New Orleans, swampy (a moving alligator would be awesome! LOL), skulls, candles, or lanterns would be great! But I don't want to be too specific. I want to be suprised!

Dislikes: Gore or bloody props. or anything too cutesy. I'm not a person into the "crafty" type of decorations. [/COLOR]

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I'm thrilled to be included this year, I missed it last year!
I like:
Heads or skulls or a slull mold (hint hint)
Glue sticks for a webby display
Froggy fog juice

I dislike:
Nick nacky stuff
blowmold cutsey decorations (exception would be a blucky)

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I haven't received my victim's name yet either. I know Bethene has a lot of work on her hands with this so I'm being patient. ;)

This year I'm going to do a room in a cabinet of curiosities/gypsy theme (see this thread for more info: http://www.halloweenforum.com/party-ideas-experiences-recipes/78792-cabinet-curiosities.html). The rest of my party decorations are pretty much cemetery/funeral related.

Likes: zombies, cemetery things, Victorian inspired items, oddities, handmade/DIY items
Dislikes: cutesy, primitive items (unless it fits the cabinet of curiosities theme of course), and I have waaaaaay too many DVDs/movies so I would prefer not to get more (I may already have it!)

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I haven't got my reapee yet either. Excited though!

A little about me. I have three kitties, loooove cats. We do a party every year, this year is a simple black/goth theme. So I would love anything black or goth-y. In general, I love glitter, shimmer and shine. I like almost all halloween related things, like skulls, witches, vampires, zombies, classic horror movie icons, etc. If you're a crafter, something handmade would be awesome! I'm pretty easy to please.

I really don't like The Exorcist, it freaks me out. And nothing super gory. Not a fan of the primitive/crafty/country looking stuff. Also, not a fan of anything overly cartoon-ish or cutesy, except for Hello Kitty. :)

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I also have my Victim and have begun construction of their prop :)

My likes creepy spooky zombish anything found in your worst imaginings of a cemetery. Victorian.
Skulls, the undead ghosts…..Atmosphere..

Dislikes blood gore. Happy cute smiley things ewww hehe they just freak me out and not in a good way

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Received my VICTIM and very excited!!

I like anything Vintage Halloween, or traditional Halloween-ghosts, witches, jack o lanterns, skeletons. I do a pretty traditional yard haunt with a variety of displays and props....I do not like anything too gorey or anything cutesy our country. (severed body parts, heads, things of that nature are fine though) oh-and i LOVE HALLOWEEN CANDY-all types and varieties!! Surprise me!! I too am mechanically challeneged, so there are not a lot of moving elements in my haunt..would love that too!
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