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scrim - would this fabric work?

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I have read that the scrim mentioned at fearfx is 92% nylon 8% spandex, but I have come across this similar one but different percentages @ 82% nylon and 18% spandex, and wanted to see if this would work as well, its certainly cheaper. I also came across another but will have to find it. There is an assortment of colors I had just looked at Steel but saw other similar gray colors. I just noticed too shipping is $10.00 and the fabric $10.99 a yard a bit expensive for shipping.


I also saw this one on Amazon with 92 nylon & 8% spandex



This site also has some other interesting fabrics which I wonder how they would look in the window fearfx displays
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I just went to Joanne's today and bought the Casa Collection pale grey chiffon which is all they had left so I'm sure it should be similar in color to the platinum which was mentioned on here.
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