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Does anyone know of a good black light that I can screw into a fixture. Basically, a normal screw in light bulb but it has some really bright wide spread UV black light? (I'm trying to light up a whole porch)

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For a standard socket, you're probably going to have to use something like this:


It's got to be a UV compact florescent bulb, not any sort of incandescent - those are crap. The socket florescent blacklights do a decent job, but if you have a HUGE porch, then you might want to test it out and see if you need something more...

If you have any plugs on your porch or can run a cord out of a window, you'd probably be better off getting something like this:


I have this exact one for my FCG, and it puts out a bunch of light and really gets things glowing. It can plug into the socket, and has hanging brackets so you can put up some screws and slot it up on a wall.

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Fluorescents, CFLs, or LEDs are the way to go for real blacklight.

Don't get fooled by the incandescent ones sold around. They are not blacklights. The only incandescent ones that are good are expensive and sold in home improvement stores. They produce a lot of heat and burn your electric bill.
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