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I had some errands to run after lunch...

picked up:

new desktop light
light bulbs for the theater room
fish food

& browsed ceiling fan sections of three home improvement stores, for a replacement.

Checked out Michaels Crafts for more Halloween stuff & resisted the urge to fill up a cart or my credit card. lol Actually didn't buy anything there. :( Self control! Just say no & walk slowly away. lol

I spent way too much time looking at stuff at Lowes. Browsed their ceiling fan section but couldn't decide. Found the desktop light & got distracted from finding 40 watt bulbs for it, as I passed by the clearance section. On two multi teered racks there were all sorts of things, the biggest being three light fixtures & even a toilet for clearance. Spotted the pile of Green 25 watt light bulbs, but no price marked. Asked someone nearby & they said 5 cents a piece. Wow! Five cents each what a bargin, can't pass that up. Grabbed a dozen & left 3 for someone else. Spotted a Grecian styled chandlier 19 3/4 x 15 3/4 w/ 5 light sconces, priced marked was $39.97 clearance price $3!!! Argued with myself about getting it vs letting it go. When the sales lady brought back the light bulb for the price check, she asked me if I need a cart, regular or flatbed? I caved & put the chandlier in the cart. She smiled & laughed at me for struggling with the purchase. She told me that it was a display model & there wasn't a box or anything for it. I said that's ok, it'll work perfect for my haunted maze. lol!!! She gave me the look... which is priceless!

When I got home I compared the chandlier to similiar styled models from their website. Since the item product & model number didn't come up, the search found similar models priced from $99 - $200.

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