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Scissor hinge prop first attempt

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Hi all here are a few photos and a short video clip of a scissor hinge I made. I built it from1x1x1x1/8" aluminum U channel, and bolted it together with 1/4x20x3/4" bolts, flat washers and nylon locking nuts.

Looking for some input as to mounting the cylinder , I noticed some people mount them vertical and others more horizontal. I think I prefer the vertical mount with some form of slide mechanism. Also another question is what to you guys and gals do to ease the prop attachment to the front of the scissor hinge. As of now mine would just have the two ends of the hinge, I'm thinking some type of flat plate , just haven't perfected how I will do it. Again my hinge is aluminum so welding it for me is not an option, but the base and upright and can be steel and welded.

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That's the frightprops.com scissor mech. They mount the prop from a place where the scissor comes together at a joint, and yours ends in an opening. So maybe add 2 more half-sized cylinders so it ends in a joint.

Yours: ><><><
Theirs: ><><>

Make sense?
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Hi I have my cylinder in a vertical position.
Very easy to make.
I have a video on the forum under chucky in a box.
I have a couple that use drawer slides on both ends and am now working on one like widowmakerproductions made where the arms come up.
I have one that is like Scatterbrains. Mine has drawer slides on the ends. I mounted the stationary end to a 2x4 with the cylinders mounted vertically on the bottom of the 2x4.

I used these instructions to build mine.

http://www.omarshauntedtrail.com/pr...ion Mechanisms/Scissor Prop/Scissor Props.pdf
Thanks Guys, running short on time might have to work on this one over the winter.
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