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From my point and shoot and having to use flash. But the pro shoot pictures should be ready soon. I also took a quick video. These are the best I could do considering I was being paged on the walkie talkie for all sorts of things as I tried to at least get a few pictures!!!!

Entry Chamber, Vampire Coffin Room, Vampire Dinner Scene, Frankenstein's Lab, The Witches' Swamp, and the HUGE double level Cemetery..... all below. Look closely for our "actors"--- all former students.

Floor Room Flooring Studio Ceiling


Tent Automotive exterior Vehicle Auto part Automotive window part

Pop Ups getting covered in black sheeting

Building Retail Display window

Cemetery in its early stages

Performance Darkness Performance art Stage Fictional character

Vampire dinner Scene- early stages

Tree Jungle House Forest Plant

Witches Swamp - early stages

Art Visual arts Event Mural

Plants Vs Zombies Carnival Game I created (Was like a zombie dodge ball thing)

People Crowd Event Fashion Performance

Zombie Kids performed the THRILLER dance every 20 minutes outside the Haunted House

Flame Heat Room Fire Hearth

Fireplace in the Entry Chamber

Hearth Fireplace Heat Wood-burning stove Fire screen

Fireplace in entry chamber

Room Art

This couple greeted all guests to the haunted house

Mask Costume Goth subculture Fun Darkness

Jeeves and the cool candelabra I borrowed from work

Black hair Magic Costume Curtain Performance

Dracula in coffin

Religious item Darkness Outerwear Textile Robe

Vampire Bat and grandfather clock I made out of cardboard boxes

Performance Black hair Costume

grandfather clock

Vampire Dinner Vignette

Costume Outerwear

Mr Dracula - one of our High School Actors

Red Event

Vampire Dinner ready to go


Vampire Dinner with silver skulls

Red Event Goth subculture Costume

Vampire - Headless boy from Grandin road dressed up a bit

Fictional character Action figure Games Screenshot

Vampire dinner

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Fun Costume Darkness

Frank's Lab- Mad Scientist who had her own dinner party.... of bones

Light Text Neon Neon sign Font

AWESOME black light paint I used on an old Monet poster I found dumpster diving (after I covered it in chalk board paint.) LOVE how this turned out!


The Man of the Hour


The Lab

Light Fun Party Games

Blurry but you can get the idea of what it looked like

Fictional character Toy

Lab Things. I had more- Much more- but just not enough time to get it all set up

I salvaged a lot of interesting styrofoam pieces form local appliance warehouse- Painted them to look rusty, and then hung them from fishing line

Kid's kitchen I got at Goodwill and fancied up for the lab

Art Ghost Costume Fictional character Mask

One of the parents hired an incredible face painter who came early to do makeup for our actors

Plant Gourd

The swamp was one of my favorite scenes. These photos do not do justice. Hanging in the vines (shredded Martha Stewart velvet curtains found at a yard sale) I used a couple dozen lanterns I had gotten from Dollar Tree (thanks to tips from the good people at HF!)

Light Lighting Tree Christmas lights Interior design

Cemetery was GRAND FINALE as guests exited. It was on 2 levels, due to the fact we used the stage and space in front of stage.

Fictional character

For junior high and high schoolers, I think our actors did a good job. Can you spot all 3?

Games Event Screenshot Tradition Performance

Can you believe all this stuff came out of my attic!

Event Bazaar Art

Fun Smile Event Leisure Vacation

Me with one of 2 other haunting partners in crime!

Face Head Tooth Fun Smile

Me and my zombie baby--- One of the 2 reasons I do these things for our school!!!


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That turned out awesome. You've got some great looking props there. But my favorite has to be Bella Lugosi. Where did you get that? The pro pictures turned out fantastic too. Your school is lucky to have your help.
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