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I'm helping put on our elementary school's haunted house this year. Actually, I guess I'm doing the whole thing would be a better way to say it.

I have all of the stuff I planned done but would like to make it a little longer and am looking for some fairly cheap, simple ideas. The whole thing is designed around scares more than static props/displays. I haven't decided on a name yet but the theme will be We Know What Scares You And It's All Inside.

So far, I have:

A small mad scientist's lab. The scare will be the kids reaching into boxes and trying to guess what they feel. But instead of grapes, pasta and jello someone will "lick" them with a wet sponge and yell "Umm, Food!"

A clown room

A dot room (Isn't this a required scene in every haunt?)

Chainsaw (another cliche, but it works)

Christmas scene with a tree, live Santa Claws and a snowman that looks like he's just sitting there but suddenly jumps up

Cocooned spider victim with a dropping spider that will shoot a web out

Creatures in cages and crates that will be able to break out and chase the kids

A Big Mouth

An insect room with plastic bugs on the walls and a couple of strobe lights that make them look like they are moving

Any help is much appreciated.

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Don't ya love school haunts?

I've found mazes are always simple, and kids love them. Don't go for the tacky hidden exit that most places are using these days though, just an actual maze.

In fact, this works well in concert with the dot room concept, and you can have the costumed characters hiding in dead ends. Also consider glow in the dark masks in place of dots for that room. You actors can wear one, or have some on thier hands.

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Mazes are always good. I like the likcing box! I think it's neat when people have either a line of actors or props and then only the real people, or a couple people move after the people who walk through think none of them are going to move. If you can get a hallways or room blocked off, make it pitch black and the walkers have to find their way through, make sure to have lots of things in the way, like a row of desks, and people to sneak up behind them and tap them or breathe on their neck.
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