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One year when I was thinking about doing a murder scene theme for my haunt (and know some of you plan for murder mystery parties so posting here as a result), I was looking at different ready-made police line up scene setters to use. Kind of hate spending a lot of money on stuff like this for backgrounds, and rather spend the money on props instead.

Came upon this sale today at Shindigz for Scene Setters™ line up sheets. They are reg. priced at around $10 and they have them now on sale for 3.20 each. I decided to do my whole garage door with them so kids can line up for a group photo if they want (think I'll throw in some props as suspects too) so picked up 4 of them for 21 feet of coverage for our double garage door (scene setter is 65 inches wide, 75 inches high) and even with shipping (no coupons worked on this sale merchandise) it still came out to 5.45 shipped to me which is cheaper than anything I saw now on ebay, amazon, etc. when I did a search. Waterproof, professionally printed and will save me time and look pretty good. Thought I'd pass it along if it works for any future plans you have.

Here's the link on Shindigz:

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