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Scary Greetings to all,

I found this website over a year ago looking for tutorials and new prop ideas. What I found was a great site where there are others like my wife and I who still enjoy Halloween. We started decorating our home here in Alpena, Michigan for Halloween in 2010. Our first year used store-bought props and to our surprise we received a lot of complements.

Getting a complement is always great but we never really understood why so many, that is until we drove around town following year. Here in Alpena there is not a lot of people who put out decoration for Halloween. We never realized but found out later how much “some” Alpena residents were political and self-centered. We see Halloween as a day of fun for the “kids” no matter how old you are!

So with that said, our home gradually as been turning into our little House of Horrors every October. Between our grand-kids and some of the neighborhood kids we have been called Mr. & Mrs Halloween. We feel proud about the title that the kids have given us because we decorate for them and the young parents that who take out their Trick or Treaters.

I have plans to add or improve and to animate more of our yard props as time goes on. We try to be unique with our ideas and would enjoy sharing our thoughts with others here. I will be adding pictures soon but if you wish we do have a web site showing our Halloween props with some videos. We do have a web site setup showing our decorations but I can't add it now because I don't have 3 or more postings. But if you get in touch with me I think I can give you the link then.?

I know that this was a long intro and we hope you were not bored to DEATH because we are looking to be more active with other like-minded people.
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