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Scary Disney Princesses - AWESOME!

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This is pretty awesome artwork. Check out the link for the really creepy princesses.

I love the Cinderella...she's so freaky!

Twisted Disney Princesses art is Awesome! | GeekTyrant
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Coolest thing I've seen all week!
Ok, I've been trying to figure out what to hang over my fireplace for Halloween. I think I've found it. These are great!
OMG that is so wicked! Thank you for sharing! :D
Loved Beauty and Pocahontas. Would love to a good girl gone bad type of movie with one of these.
This is FABULOUSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Oh, wow! Sleeping Beauty is my favorite, really twisted.
And Alice is creepy looking, in a very good way.
Those were great...I wish I knew where to get those in prints...loved the Snow White and Cinderella...

WOW!!! Disney on the other side of the mirror! Awesome!! I love it!
I really wish he sold prints of all of these. There is also a really kick @$$ Meg that didn't make it into that post (take a look at his site; there are a lot of other excellent pieces there though not creepy like these).
oh wow those are great! That actually gives me a great idea for my costume this year. My boyfriend and I are going as Roger and Jessica Rabbit. Might be fun to add some of that "creep" factor like these princesses.
Those were great...I wish I knew where to get those in prints...loved the Snow White and Cinderella...

Just right click on the picture and choose "save as". Once you save them to your computer you can print them out. They look fantastic printed on photo paper. I have four of them hanging over my fireplace. I'll set up my Nightmare Before Christmas train on the mantle under the pictures and have that twisted Disney thing going on. LOL
My favorites are Jane and Jasmine. The Cinderella one is a bit creepy. She's like a doll or something.
Those are awesome!! Thanks for posting. my faces are Alice, Snow White, and Cinderella. LOVE them! They'd make a great Halloween addition :D
I am a big-time Disney fan, but I love when their wholesomeness gets...skewered. Alice in Wonderland blew me away! Beautiful artwork!
Those are really creepy. I want to go as twisted Alice for Halloween next year.
But, how long before the Disney police make the artist take the pictures down?
Thanks for the tip TJ...:)
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