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Scary Christmas Contest - General Discussion

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The contest is ON!

Read the rules by clicking here.

The object is to build the Best Scary Christmas Prop and Scene possible.

This is the thread for general discussion about the contest.

Monster Guts has stepped up sponsor this fun contest and will be providing a V-919 fogger to the winner.

Thanks all!
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I've spent the past couple of days "fixing" that. Thank goodness for liquid nitrogen, water & air compressors. Took a few hours to get substantial payoff, but it worked. Glad they didn't put a budget on this! Hea hea hea..... gonna be good....

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If anyone needs some extra snow to make it feel like winter or for prop making I have a whole state full of snow about 30" deep! FREE! U-LOAD! or will trade for a week of 70 degree weather.

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I believe everyone presented interesting and creative displays ! It is great to see so many partcipate! Sorry, to those entrys that are considered in-valid for some reason. You guys did a great job and I hope that it doesn't get in the way of entering contests in the future.
These contest are a way to stimulate creativity, friendly competition, and to practice or learn new skills ! I don't think anyone really walks away without "winning" something from the experience.

Christmas was difficult Larry. Just hard to make Christmas Scary.
Now, if this had been a Scary Valentine Contest.....whoooo eeeee ...
Valentine is just made for scary stuff.

Again - Good Luck to all.

Edit: sorry. Want to thank the Sponsor : MonsterGuts for providing the prize ! THANKS FOR GIVING US THE OPPORTUNITY TO VIE FOR THE FOG MACHINE !!!!!

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Still waiting for a few responses from the participants.

It was un-clear which photos were the official "entry". Hopefully we will hear back today so that we can start voting.
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