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For the past few years I've wanted a good scarecrow mask. The ones from the halloween stores were always pretty cheesy and the high end ones way over my budget.

So I found time earlier this year to start doing some research and getting supplies ready (the ed-head armature, burlap, threads, needles, awls...all that stuff) and got down and dirty with getting something done. Now this is my very first mask of any type and I was a little intimidated going in as I've never had any idea of how to go about it. To all those out there who have been a bit intimidated by making your own mask, my experience was that it turned out to be more fun and challenging than frustrating or stressful. Give it a try!

As they're pretty cheap to build (it's labour intensive though) and we have TONS of burlap around this house from the monster mud projects we do I'm planning on building a bunch more this year and seeing how they progress.

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Sculpture Art Neck Jaw
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