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Scare LA in Soutern California

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Anyone else going to this? I bought my tickets 2 months ago!


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I bought my ticket the second day. They have been hyping it on Facebook but no word yet on what classes will be offered this year.

There is a section for it on the forum: http://www.halloweenforum.com/scarela/
Yes! I bought my Fear Freak passes (same ones we bought last year). I am so excited!! I can't wait! I loved it last year!
I'll be there and teaching a class on using servos for your Animatronics.
"SERVOS?" Instead of "Compressed Gravity?" hahaha!
I'm going again this year but only for the Saturday floor show
On the main page of the http://scarela.com/ website, at the top of the page, hover over Programs. The links for classes, presentations, movie screening, and on site attractions are listed. If you have a Scare Student ticket, you should have received an email a couple of weeks ago with a link and instructions on how to register for classes.

Class schedule:

Movie Screening schedule:


On Site attractions & experiences:
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