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hey all,

Here's another review about props I got this season.
As many probably have already read about Scare Factory, many reviews are negative.. took me a few years to contact them and check them out. I've also read positive reviews.
So, I figured I would start by contacting them and see what's up.
David, replied right away, communication was great and even the deal was awesome.. asked if what I wanted, what would be a reasonable time frame to expect them.
He told me that what I wanted, they had extras ready to prep and go.. so proceeded and sent payment via credit card.
Worst case, if promises are broken and nothing shows up.. simple call to my bank and all charges are reversed back.

I got the animated grave master, he's really nice, movements are cool, heavy duty built, all steel frame construction with extra heavy duty foam core. well detailed prop.. to my surprised it was all pneumatic (expecting electric) overall, excited and happy with it...
only a few non important issues that I can take care of..
1- it should have came with a lighted lantern but they forget to send it, I'm sure David would have sent it, but in the end, told him if it was complicated, no big deal!! I can get/make one here or do as I did and used a severed head instead :)
2- noticed a few airlines had been cut or damaged, fixed up with electrical tape, not sure if it happen while in the shop or if it was used as a demo ?? but for the deal I got, I'm happy and it's nothing I cant fix myself in two minutes.
3- think it should have came with a pressure mat, but to me, no worries as I set it up on my wireless system.

the second prop I got was the Zombie smash game.. just had to get that, and it was an absolute smash hit this year, people lined up and had so much fun, they didn't want to leave LOL some came back and parents had to drag them home hahahaha.
I got a set of two, with a set of 2 catapults and two buckets of brains. I made the table myself.
***Zombie #1, everything seems perfect so far, but he moves so far to the side that he would topple over (more on my fix later) but the detail and prop is solid and made to last unless welds or mechs fail at some point.. which I can fix !!
**zombie #2 , doesn't move as much sideways , so he stays upright on his own, his only issue was with the connecting heavy duty ball joint connectors, they should have been done with a spacer between the two.. this caused it to bind so much that it would eventually kill the motor or snap something in time.. that , I fixe with 30 minutes of grinding the extra metal with a dremel tool :) now it's perfect.

now I had to figure out how to keep zombie #1 from falling over, that was an easy solution, I took a 6ft L shape steel bar and tie wrapped both zombies together at the base. both thei weight kept them in place and teurned out perfect..
If I had one recommendation to give them, they should have taught about this by making it so, the square metal tubing used for the base, weld it in a way that a stell rod could slide in then have a set screw to keep it in place..

and the brain buckets with 5 silicone brains in each are cool, they forgot to ship them, but David answered my text within a minutes, took my home address and shipped them that same day :)
I had the props shipped on the USA side and drove from Canada to pick them up< I do this because I'm 1h from the border, shipping is 10 times less and faster.

overall, my experience with Scare Factory was a good one, was Happy with the props even if they had little quirks, nothing I couldn't fix. but this could be an issue for others.
I did get worried for a while as after all $$ was sent and props were set to be delivered in August/September, Communication was hard.
but as I was nearing my deadline for reverse charges (second week of October), David answered my Text messages and was surprised I didn't get my tracking info !!! which he gave me minutes later, which in fact they had ship and were to arrive at destination the next day :) his employee forget to communicate that to me..

I would for sure deal with them again, caution must be taken because of so many unhappy buyers. my experience was overall a good one and I now have props that no one else, probably even in Canada has :-D

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Couple of quick questions regarding the zombie game? We just received ours a couple weeks ago, finally plugged them in and the Fans in the pants continue to rub on the clothing making a very noticeable noise, is this normal or any way to alleviate this issue?

Also, What do you use for incentive for people to play to win? (like if they actually get the brain onto the zombie head) and roughly what do you charge for a bucket X brains?

Appreciate any feedback!


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Hey, not sure i am understanding the fans in the pants ??? No fans in mine !!!! I did have a few issues, i got a set of two.
One had the ball joints bind near the motor, i had to use my dremel tool to grind away the excess steal so they would run free, they should have used a spacer to avoid this.
The second one, mechanical part was perfect, diff design fir some reason... But this one moved sideways way WAY too much snd would fall (they are heavy)
I fix that problem by using a 6ft steel L shape bar that i tie wrap the base of both together.. this helps avoid two issues, one falling and keeps both of them in position all night.
The motors are a little noisy but but music and all the people talking and playing it becomes unoticable.

As for incitives to play it only took the first person to try, then the lineups kept coming..
Prizes, i gave away diff things, bigger candy ltems or innexpensive toys (dollar store) that kids chose.
As fir cost per bucket!!! Initially i was going to charge 5$ but then the wife decided it,s best to do as always and keep it free..
Ive always been free, just a hone haunt well maybe a little much for a home haunt lol
Then i figured that if i charge, city might get involved with permits to operate?? Where as the way i do it, it's free so no obe can complain ....
I ll try to get a close pic of them and the machanical parts..

Hope this helps..
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