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Saying zombie or ghoul prop test

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I made this guy with some scrap wood and a wiper motor. I still have some tweaking to do and will change the outfit and bulk him up some.

here is the inner workings of my new friend:

I think this is a little too fast. was my 1st test:

What do you think...
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Pretty nifty. I think that the slower motion suits it far better, so good choice.
looks great did you use one eyed jack prop head from gag studios?


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That's one eyed Jack but we call him Bob. Have had him for many years, used on multiple props over the years...
He looks great. The movement is awesome. I think you may want to slow him down just a little. What power supply are you using?
Nice work!
Pretty cool :)
I started with an 8.5v 5 amp power supply I think it was. Then i switched to a 6v 2.5 amp I would like to slow it more but need to get a motor controller for that.
I don't have one, and just started looking around a little today lots of different ones makes it confusing. I figure something out. I need to work on the arm movement some more as well.
You don't need anything fancy. These work great. I would suggest using a 12 volt power supply with them though, I have heard using less can cause issues and noise. I use these ones with 12 volt supplies and they work great. You can turn them down to a crawl and still get plenty of torque.


You might also try a 5 volt power supply. That is what we use in our zombie kit with no speed controller and it works well. :)
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