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Saw vi...

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Muh Ha Ha Ha....

It has officially started, the countdown for Saw VI....

I am an intrepid fan of the films and love them....

This one will be special for me becuase it is released on Oct 31st this year, and the same date as my first haunt...

Yes, I am too young!:(.....But I will get it on DVD and watch it all night, every night...

Anyone else a big fan of Saw?...Are you looking forward to it?....

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It'll be released in the UK on the 23rd. The same date as the US.

Apparently there's a worldwide release of the trailer at 5pm pacific.

And although i will go and watch it to add to the halloween festivities the last few really haven't done it for me. A few good grizzly gore scenes but no real substance.

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Im with OMGDan on this one... the first 3 were quite good, 1-2 being the best... kinda half watched no.4 and thought it was terrible, didn't even get round to watching 5 :S
I'm amazed they've done another one in all honesty. ruined what could have been a Classic Trilogy.
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