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As the title suggests, i saw something this morning at work, and well i can't explain it, so i thought i'd share on my favorite forum.

As you can see i've never made any posts like this so it's not something i claim always happens or anything.

I work for large well known toy company, on the early shift, starting at 6am. Being the early shift, before the regular day office hours kick in at 9, there are only ever 5 people in the entire building. On one of the upper floors there'll be myself and 2 of my team knocking around, Colin & Vinny, an office lady in the office on the lower floor, and a cleaner knocking around from place to place.

The cleaner and the lady downstairs both being small, and women, Colin and Vinny obviously being men, Vinny being large and Colin being noticeably tall and both wearing company issued black sweatshirts we wear on cold mornings, as we all were this morning.

Around 6:30am my team of 3 including myself were all on the same floor. Nobody else. I was leaving Isle 2 and saw Vinny entering and going down Isle 4, as i continued to walk past the isles out of the corner of my eye i saw Colin stood in Isle 8 as i walked past it.

I then took an immediate left and entered the hallway to the rear of the building, to find Colin stood there looking at some reports...

I stopped in my tracks, paused, and tried to figure out who i just saw in Isle 8.
He asked what was wrong, i told him and we went to Isle 8 to of course, find it empty. We shouted Vinny and sure enough he came out of Isle 4.

I definitely saw a tall black figure in the corner of my eye. I didn't turn to look as i walked by, as it's a common occurrence to see a tall dark figure, Colin, wearing his black sweatshirt. But of course it wasn't Colin. And it wasn't a trick of the eye. Keep in mind this is 6:30am, there's no one else up here. These isles are long, empty and wide looking at that time of morning when there's no one in there. You know when somebody is stood in one.

Anyway upon people mentioning this later on during the day management end up confessing that over the years there have been several official reports of previous staff members seeing things on late night/early morning shifts. Needless to say it left us all feeling a little freaked out. As if walking down isles full of dolls staring at you in the dark silence of early morning wasn't bad enough :/

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The first thing that came into my head was 'doppelganger'.......that's not a good thing:eek:
Hopefully I'm wrong, and it was some other weird creepy form!:p
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