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So, I decided at the last minute this year that I was going to take a crack at an animated Santa Claus. I started out with a slightly modified version of our Watchman prop and then I added the waving arm which is powered by one of our 6 RPM gear motor kits. I used a simple version of the arm movement from the Hitchhiking ghosts I built. People ask all the time about different parts we sell and what it can be used for. This was a perfect fit for that little gear motor and it handles it with no problems. I fabricated the bracket for the drive arm from 1/2" wide steel and there is a 1/4" steel rod running through the arm riding on a pair of brass bushings.

I bought the complete Santa Suit, gloves, glasses, and Santa Belly from buycostumes.com on sale. The boots are a pair of surplus army boots I had laying about which I added the fur rings from the costume's boot covers. We could not find a full Santa head so I ended up ordering a mask from China for now but it is late getting here. The hands are a pair of cheap Totally Ghoul zombie hands from Kmart covered by $4 Santa gloves!

I made a set of leg tubes out of carpet padding, now I just need to work on his belly and torso. I will post some more pictures soon.

I am hoping I can get the rest of the body wrapped up in the next 2 nights. We are going to put him in our front window next to our tree.

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