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Sally Costume

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My daughter (8 yrs) wanted to be Sally from Nightmare Before Christmas this year. Strange, because she is my TOTAL girly girl. But that's what she wants! I'm running with the whole theme of NBC, outside decorations as well as my son (17 months) will be Jack. Lots of fun creating going on over here.
Here's the start of her costume:
Clothing Textile Patchwork Pattern Pattern

I bought a plain dress from a thrift shop for under $5 and bought bandanas (.99 ea) at the craft store and a bottle of black Tulip brand fabric paint. I'm not a sewer so I am using the WonderUnder no-sew as backing and ironing on the fabric pieces.

This is just the front of the costume that is done. Need to do the back and the sleeves. She has a red wig and I'll be stitching up some tights and long sleeve shirt to keep her warm for trick or treat.

I'll post finished product pictures when it comes together.
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