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Rust paint effect

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Hi, I am looking to make some fake chains out of plastic pipe. I've seen a video on how to make the cain its self but no advice on how to achieve the rust paint effect - can anyone point me in the right direction - thanks
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Can't grab the link from my phone but search YouTube for devils rust. A member posted his tutorial here a couple years ago.
I do a rust effect using glue, sand, orange paint, and brown/black paint. Looks pretty good but I'd recommend it for static props. Not sure how it would hold up with chains tho.
I've actually have been making rusty chains from a crap load of plastic chains I have collected over the last year. I'll take some pics in the afternoon and post them. I only used spray paint to make mine and they turned out pretty good. I used a silver type for the base, orange and red to make a splatter pattern and a stone type for the texture.
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Chain Fashion accessory Bicycle chain Metal

Chain Fashion accessory Bicycle chain Knot Metal

Chain Iron Metal Font

Chain Metal Iron Copper Rust

These ones are from the batch I did last year. I need to touch them up a tiny though. They started out as a solid white plastic chain. I got a whole bag full of the base chains that I'll be painting once the snow clears out and will be putting up on a site that I am starting but if anyone is looking for some currently, I'm willing to part with the ones I personally use.
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