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Running out of time, ideas, please :)

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Hi Guys,

My Halloween party is planned 10/10, however I have been super preoccupied with family stuff. Without going into too much detail, my father (who was living with us) has dementia and really went down hill, sudden and quick. He is no longer at my home but we're working for a long term solution now, so he's safe, and we're safe and everyone's happy. This all takes a lot of my time.

That being said, I haven't had time for Halloween :( I feel awful, like I'm not myself.

I am requesting from you, my friends, some cool, easy gag ideas, maybe 3-4, that would be conservative in time but be impressive? Any ideas?

My theme is vampires. I have a few custom tombstones made so far this year.

Thank you, all of you, so much. I haven't had much activity lately, but you all help keep me sane. Much love.
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Sometimes the silliest things cause the most conversation. Last year the surprise was the ghost bathroom buddy, usually available at Walmarts, CVS, etc. I am attaching a pic and a link to the pic, he is the guy with the plunger and looks innocent enough with the other decorations. But when people go into your bathroom he will be one of the hits of the party.


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