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After seeing all the folks with the PVC candles, and catching up on all the movies I recorded over Halloween, a little project has been rolling around in me brain....

While the idea itself would be excellent in conjunction with one of the PVC flicker candles for a little altar or something (black wax, folks)...it's not exactly what I've had in mind.

For years now, I've been contemplating the addition of a Yaga Baba area to our yard. A couple things have been hang-ups.

Her 'yard' is supposed to be lit by skulls.

While I've traditionally interpreted this to mean a light coming from the eye sockets (as most have pictured it), the stories really are not precise on that point.

And, I've begun to re-imagine it with these candles on the skulls.

Like all my stuff, I really want this to be the primary source of lighting for the area. The Flicker bulbs, therefore do not provide enough light.

I've considered building my own candles for this purpose, but have ruled that out as any breeze is likely to make it useless.

This has brought me to the current plan:

Skulpting the candle and wax onto a skull, making a mold, and casting it. Fitting it atop tiki torches so the flame appears to be part of the candle.

Yes, yes, there's skull tiki torches already. These would, hopefully, be something MORE.

I don't know. Nice winter project, anyway.

Anyway, I've taken to burning candles to get a feel of just what it's supposed to look like (as you can see).

My problem has been that candles are designed rather well these days. They don't like to drip easily...Been thinking of making my own just to for dripping...

Wonder if one can procure Tallow these days.

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If you look for beeswax candles those are the ones that get the good drip.the cheap candles are made from a plasticized wax and don't burn or drip well
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