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Rubber Rats.

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I want to build a rat feast, but I am having some trouble finding rubber rats. Anyone know a good website that sells anything like this. Thank You.
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All your retailers,should be stocked up.big lotts,spirit and such
I have seen a lot that wont work. Hopefully Spirt and Big lots will have something that I can use. Thanks Bud
We have a new store called "Savers" which is kind of like Goodwill, I doubt they have an online store, but they have new Halloween items, and they have some GIANT rubber rats . . . I'm wishing I had gotten some now . . . I think they were about $8 each if I remember correctly, and about 12 inches long or maybe longer - they were pretty huge :eek:

Oooh -- here's a link, they have a little blurb about them online -- they're 23 inches long!! Some were sitting, some were standing up, and some were walking if I remember correctly -- and the recommended price is $3.99 -- although I think they were more than that at the store I went to. Savers - good all around
Dollar general has black rats for $1 that are rubber, you could paint them and add detail to them.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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