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Sam Haynes here
I have had a really busy year so far with the Rondo Nomination and recording the last CD! Its been a great year so far and we still have halloween to look forward to

Here is some free music for you its called Evil Calls - its a pretty simple creepy theme you could use.

You can use it how you like on youtube videos etc its copyright free

Please let me know if you do :)

download it here https://soundcloud.com/sam-haynes-h...oyalty-free-horror-theme-halloween-2015-music

OR get more music! :D

The song can also be downloaded from Bandcamp - There is a full EP of Royalty Free Music Grab it here - Hit Buy now and enter any price you like (yes even 0!)


Thanks! Keep it creepy

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I have been to your website, and plan to purchase some more tracks or collections. Once purchased, may I use the tunes in my videos? What are the copyright restrictions?

Thank you!
hi bob
i loved the video thanks for the credit, your singing at the seance one is a favorite of mine!
Theres some royalty free stuff on here that wont flag on youtube and its free - just hit buy now and enter 0


You can use any of my songs but rumblefish will spot them on youtube videos. Whilst I can give you my permission to use them it might cause you to lose any royalties. The royalty free ones above would work fine though.

Thanks, Sam
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