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"ROOF!ROOF! . Said Jim-the Dog.

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Almost perfect weather this last month as I tore off the old roof and began putting down the new one.
Tarps don't always keep out that much rain.. some beautiful "Roof working Days" Cool, I'm in the shade mostly (Thank you trees I didn't plant , or want.)
My Wife helped a lot on the main, taller roof a few years ago, but this time has had some allergy problems and some minor injurys and....so it goes, I have been alone ripping off and putting on the new, mostly.
The accuracy of the local weather reports has been very good. I still have most of the flashings to get down around the little round-topped dormers. Some Rain forecast for this afternoon.....
Up and down the roof,up and down the ladder makes Jim a Long Day.
I still have fun almost every night with patrons coming through Ravens Grin! (My poor wife does the "Employee things", and this season has not been easy, only more "Educational", even after 28 years!
"People!" Yikes!

My 66 year old body is holding up pretty good, but then I have never had the luxury of "sitting around". Keep it working, and it will keep working better (longer) usually......
Last night a young woman kept remarking about all the work I have done upon this house! Yes I have. and open almost every night for 28years.
I will be a long, long ways from ever being "The Richest-guy-in-the-Graveyard", but fun is a huge motivator for me... along with creative freedom.
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