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Rocking Moldy Mommy

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Two part post! My local Halloween store is downsizing because, as they put it, "No one has the money to buy the big props anymore, and although my dream was always to entertain while selling Halloween, we can't afford to do it anymore." They said people coming into the store, pricing stuff out and then buying it for less on Amazon is what is killing them. The owner is a sweetheart and he said one of his favorite parts of the job is talking to customers, but now they come in and stare at their phones, no one wants to talk anymore. :-( Even though I know we are all guilty of doing this from time to time (I know I am) it made me so sad to see this family give up on their dream. They've been a part of the community forever and have even been featured on the Travel Channel during their Extreme Halloween specials, to see cell phones and Amazon kick their butts is heartbreaking.

They had their big clearance sale yesterday to help with downsizing and we were able to give some great tombstones, and busts a new home, and we adopted this little lady for much less than she is worth. Have any of you had any experience with her? She was too awesome to pass up on but I am a little nervous that my extremely wussy, judgmental neighbors may have an issue with her umm...baby. Just trying to find out if others own her and what the reactions have been like. I normally don't give a poo, but we get a lot of people from other neighborhoods dropping their kids off and some were pretty awful last time. TIA! https://youtu.be/0JdexwaE4AM
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That's too bad to hear about the shop closing. I don't have the prop you're asking about, but I don't think its too bad. The lullaby did creep me out. It would be interesting to hear what reactions people have gotten to this prop. You know your audience best and hopefully with other people's input you can decide if/where she goes out in your display. I get mostly young kids, so I have a cemetery area with all static props and another trail they can opt to take if they want the things that jump out at them. I don't do gorey, just spooky/creepy. So if I were to add the mommy prop, she would go on the scarier trail walk through of my yard.
Thanks WickedWino! I'm not so much worried about the audio (I can shut it off) it's the baby...it's pretty gruesome looking. Doesn't bother me, but it might bother the neighbors. Maybe I will switch it out for one of my zombie babies, it won't be as creepy, but may keep people from totally flipping out.
I'm always surprised when looking at peoples haunts by what folks WON'T complain about. Humans sliced and diced into a hundred pieces, big piles of maggot crusted guts, and oceans of blood splashed over an entire yard won't get more than a groan and a giggle, but put out a fake dog that is flattened with a tire track and people will lose their minds over it. I'm willing to bet you will get no complaints over that.
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I have the spirit version of the prop

and the worst thing that happened was some kid decided to start punching it in the gut. as long as you keep it out of reach of your guests I wouldn't worry too much.


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It's highly competitive and yes I too have seen this and others on Amazon selling for what I perceive to be below cost(I've also noted and documnted manufacturers/distributors undercutting their dealers). I've sold a lot of these props all over the world. She's definitely a "cover version" of Lullaby. That's my Youtube channel btw and after 11k views and quite a few sales and shares I have not heard anyone complain. Dog prop? "why would anyone want that"? Dead dog prop? Coordinated attack by animal rights groups(who obviously do not feed their own dogs beef, lamb or chicken...oh who cares about them it's not like they can do tricks or have stores dedicated for them/buying them toys), death threats, 3 companies including a fortune 500 cave into pressure. I should have recorded the phonecalls with the Ebay call center with the Russian guy(only time I every experienced an ebay rep with a Russian accent)..."I like horror movies, it gives me great thrill" LOL. I was like how about this book(bible)the guy who created everything after chapter one purposely drowned the entire world and was never prosecuted. Doesn't that encourage violence? He was like, I will have to look into that. As one of the other companies involved said no one says anything about zombies(humans). I'm in MA too and don't think people will care too much. We live in a very liberal state. I was in CVS the other day and one clerk went to find another clerk who was walking about 15-20 feet to the customer who yelled out across the store she needed the morning after pill. My eyes bugged out. I live to shock people too. I just thought that would be something you say after the clerk was in front of you in a normal voice. It's Halloween people expect to see scary things. Think to last year the Zombie manger scene stirred things up. Moldy Mommy is more tame than that. Why if you go back to the 19th century when infant mortality rates were higher you'd be surprised at what people were doing with the remains of love ones. Mausoleums, glass caskets, preservation, seance etc. Babies were delivered at home and died at home. The wake would take place at home. Early last century Carl Von Cosel preserved the woman he loved and people thought he was romantic. They displayed the corpse in public and it was quite the show. I'm calling this prop tame. Substitute a dead puppy and PETA would be holding signs in front of your house.
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I've got the Tekky Toys Gruesome Granny prop to keep my rocking " Unkle Ebeneezer" home built prop company. No complaints, but creeped out a few ToTers!
By the way StaceyLynn, she is very creepy looking, nicely done.
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