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ripper Ridge Haunted mine town ideas

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For 2009 i had the crazy idea of aking an entire them-park type walkthrough for halloween. Itll be split into three main sections, starting with a graveyard. I made the gravestones outa foam insulation boards, and i made the arch outa 4'/8' sheet of plywood. The fence that surrounds the graveyard is made of weathered 2"/4"s i found at a local waste dump.

The 2nd area will be a small, six building town made out of six 4'/8' sheets of plywood cut and painted to look like old mine town shacks. The catch is each buildings window and door can be opened from the back, so a scareactor can pop his head out and startle passerbys. The will also be random crates, boxes, shovels picks etc. to give the mine town look.

the final and most colmplicated section will be the tunnel itself, it will start with a 5 ffoot long section, then it will turn left, and then there will be a 10 foot section, which is illuminatted with a dim amber light, like an old mine lantern.
at the end of the sencond section, a scareactor will sit in the corner and startle passerbys. After te second section the TOTs turn right into a 8 ft section, with nothing exciting i can think of (ideas would be great) After that, the tunnel turns right again and through a door, and into another 10 ft section, whih is illuminated by strobe lights. After the TOTs get to the end of the tunnel, they walk across my backyard and out onto the street, where a scareactor is waitingto give the people one last scare.

Ideas, comments and praise are always appreciated
Happy Haunting!
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That sounds very ambitious. Do you have a floorplan sketch yet?

The mining town idea sound great and I love the idea of building the facades. There are a few threads already started discussing mining themes -- Check for YardHauntJunky and Wyatt Furr for threads on mining town, mine shaft, and ol' west.

Haunted Mine Shaft themed yard haunt ideas.....

Static: Dynamite plunger box

Static: Mining Hard Hat....

Static: Mine Cart Beginnings....

Static: Fence Pillars Help

How are you going to do the tunnel? Will it go through your house? Garage? Will it be outside?

I think it's a fantastic idea and can't wait to see more details.

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The tunnel is gonna be a PVC pipe frame with black plastic, the ground will be black plastic covered in dirt and itll be outside.

i cant upload a pic yet cause i gotta download it to da computor
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