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RIP Don Featherston, Iconic Blow Mold Sculptor

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That is so kind of you and RCIAG to post a memorial for Mr. Featherstone.
I sure wouldn't have much of a Halloween display without his contributions to the holiday decorating world!

I was fortunate enough a few years ago, that we were in touch with his son, and we shared our display photos with him. He, in turn, shared our photos with his father and then we exchanged emails for a little bit. His son forwarded messages to us from Mr. Featherstone and he was very complimentary of what I was doing with many of his Christmas blowmolds (turning them into Halloween characters). I had worried that he would think it sacrilege to have changed them. He didn't. That is one of the major moments of my decorating experiences, to have received praise from the creator of our beloved plastic kitsch.

RIP Don Featherstone. We will carry on your legacy in our yards and delight children on holidays for many years to come. <3
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