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orange hair

as far as the orange hair, u can pick up some stuff called manic panic hair spray, and u jsut spray ti on, and it washes out in like a week or so....washable hair spray is usually everywhere this time of year.

as far as the cane, u can try to buy one....u can use a regular old cane, and jsut paint it gold or green or black or w/e or u can make ur own

to make your own, get coat hanger wire, or if u have a friend who works at a grocery store or walmart or somehting, ask him to grab "bailing wire"

either way, take your wire, make sur eits all straight, and shape out ur cane...with the question mark ontop and everything...make sure its sized to ur brother and not you

after u have it sized out, take paper mache, and go over the cane let it dry and add another layer, repeat repeat repeat!....until you have the desired thickness you want.

once ur mache is dried, if u need to, u can sand it so its smooth or w/e....grba urself some paint, and go to town.

any questions, feel free to ask
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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