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Riddler Bag

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Hey everyone,

I am going to a Batman convention and I need a bag to carry my stuff in. I don't want to use one of the DC Comics bags they give you I want a bag like the Jim Carrey one from Batman Forever when he's taking the bombs out of it when destroying the bat cave. But I don't know what those kinds of bags are called or where you can find them. Someone please let me know where I can buy them or what they are.
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I just checked out a youtube video of a bunch of Riddler scenes (YouTube - All the Riddler Scenes Part 3 (Batman Forever)), and you get fleeting views of the bag from 4:10-4:36. At 4:35/4:36 is the best shot of it, and while I'm no expert, it looks like a drawstring bag with a very long shoulder cord (of course, vivid green with his favorite punctuation mark). Now, where you would buy a bag like that I don't know. If you are so inclined, it should be really easy to make, and that may be the best route if you want such a bright green bag.
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