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I signed up for this site and have lurked for the past year, but I figured I'd take the time to introduce myself. I'm located out of Richmond, VA and I started doing a haunt 2 years ago after being inspired by a neighbor who put on their own free haunted house. That year we started off with tombstones, graveyard fence, a coffin, fogger, lights and other miscellaneous items. It wasn't a lot, but most was hand made and luckily the yard was small. Last year we expanded out that with more lights, props, and a ground fogger.

This year, we're getting a place of our own so I'm excited to make an impact on the neighborhood early on. We've got 3 big projects (2 stationary and a FCG) to get done before Halloween (not to mention finishing closing on the house), so hopefully it goes well.

I look forward to getting it together. The holiday season can get crazy (especially since my family is also big on the tacky light tour for Christmas), but it's definitely the best time of the year.
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