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Review: Grandin Road Beloved Tombstone

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After finding a coupon, I ordered the Grandin Road Beloved Tombstone on 9/4. It arrived on 9/11.

Box Text Font Carton Package delivery

After opening the large box, I immediately noticed a vacuum will be needed with that white messy hard foam that beads off, but packaging was good.

Box Carton

Opening up the foam casing with a knife to break the tape I found the tombstone well protected.

Plastic wrap Plastic bag Transparency

It was nice to see they take tombstone security seriously. I get tired of fighting wind all the time. The bracket for this tombstone will ensure it doesn't go anywhere. The literature says to step on the stand to get it in the ground then attach the tombstone, they caution against using a hammer and suggest water to soften up hard ground.

Furniture Table Metal

I liked the moss touches around the tombstone.

Tree Stone carving Trunk Sculpture Statue

I also liked the detail on the resting lady.

Sculpture Stone carving Carving Art Relief
Sculpture Stone carving Carving Art Relief

They did a pretty good job with the other tombstone details on the front and back as well.

Stone carving Font Carving Metal

Sculpture Statue Stone carving Water feature Rock

Overall for a price of $134.25 shipped with my coupon at the time, dimensions and weight (confirmed) of 28"W x 11-1/2"D x 20-1/2"H, 12 lbs.
I am pretty happy. I'll proably ditch the foam and keep the box to store it amongst the other 30+ resin tombstones. Overall, it is currently in my top 3 favorites of those 30 ish others.

If you want to buy it, it's here:


Or don't, I don't care. I get no perks out of this, other than helping you guys answer the questions I had regarding this product.

Take care,

James Wright
Omaha, NE
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Great review, as always. Just wanted to add that this is the first year that I noticed Grandinroad had a 50% (I think) all of their tombstones. Don't recall if shipping was free. I had been following their tombstones for four or five years, and finally started buying them a couple of Halloweens ago. I think I have six now, thee only ones I wanted. I bought them (mostly) at 20-25% off, (Grandinroad regularly discounts) perhaps some with free shipping.

Of course it wasn't until I had all the ones I wanted that they finally had a 50% off sale! They may have had other such sales over the last few years; if they did I missed them. Point is that I wouldn't be surprised if they has another 50% sale this year. They are awesome (except the angel is too small for the price) but HomeGoods sells tombstones for $60 that I would guess cost as much to manufacture, so there is room for discounting. Of course, HomeGoods shipping and distribution costs are likely significantly less, so can charge less.
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