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Reusable Potion Bottle Tips

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Hi All,

I want to start making potion bottles for my Halloween collection and have a ton of ideas thanks to you all but I still have one main question. What do you use for the liquid so that I do not have to empty out and refill every year. I read that someone used light hair gel because it lasts longer than water... are we talking that it will last 3-5 years or just the entire month? Someone else mentioned adding dish washing soap and another added salt and vinegar to their water to make it last long without getting moldy. Ideally, I will want something that will last about 3+ years. Have any of you had any luck with liquid filled ones lasting years?

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Have you considered using something like a resin? Smooth-on.com has what they call encapso. They have a couple of videos to show how it's used. Never used it, but I'd like to try some of their products.
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