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We had a zombie party where different areas of the house were tributes to different zombie movies. I devoted our entrance to Resident Evil. I turned our garage into an entrance to the Raccoon City research center. I found Resident Evil logos online which I printed onto sticker sheets. People had to enter and pass zombies to get into the party. If you like these zombies, look for my post in the tutorial section under Build a zombie horde.

When guests entered the house they entered what I call the Employee break room. This would be where employees punch in to go to work. I had a bulletin board with employee safety info and the latest mutant research going on. I made these up and just found pics online to go along with it. The board is a big piece of cardboard spray painted black with safety tape.

Using black poster board, I also made a test subject room with viewing windows. Very simple to make. The only thing missing was the T-Virus. There are tutorials online for it but I just ran out of time.


1 - 5 of 5 Posts