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Resident Evil vs. Walking Dead

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You guessed it, zombies.

I enjoy building decent sized props and adult parties and this year it's going to be a mash-up of Resident Evil and The Walking Dead. For this year, props will include:

Front yard:
1. Crashed truck onto the front lawn, killing a zombie with dead driver. (red random flashing light under hood, w/fog machine)
2. Zombie Hunting Permit sign, complete with permits and eerie light

1. Zombie cell
2. Lab set-up
3. T-Virus apocalyptic briefcase with EL virus tubes (2)
4. Zombie Doctor

1. Wrapped bookshelves & pictures with "Umbrella Corp" visqueene
2. "Umbrella Corp" chandelier
3. "Terminus" wall - signs, pictures, warnings, etc

Some of this will be day of and easy. I've already spray painted visqueene with "Umbrella Corp" logo for the bookshelves, etc. Other bits will take time and require a total takeover of my garage, like the zombie cell and zombie bar. I want the house to feel somewhat abandoned light the opening scene of R.E.1 or any town in the Walking Dead. Lots of pictures to follow and videos too.

Feel free to share your ideas or links to your albums. No ego here. Love the site and it's members are spooktactular! :cool:
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Zombie Hunting Sign
* This will go up first in the front lawn near the sidewalk. I'll install a LED light/lantern above it. Perhaps bloody? ;)


U.S. Permit Box

Automotive exterior

working permit box, opens to reveal actual zombie hunting permits

Leaf Green Hand fan Finger Adaptation

internet photo (thanks), a laminator, some scissors, patients, and wham-o 30 permits ready.
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Have an apocolyptic (aka - dilapidated bbq tool case) case, I'll turn it into my virus briefcase. Work in progress. 2, 6" clear mail tubes, 2, 1M, EL lights, a piece of 2" foam cut to size, and some black spray paint. Umbrella Corp logo to follow with a few more touches.
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My sons and I have always agreed that the scariest element of the Resident Evil game was when that damn Doberman leaps through the windows in the hallway. My kids knew it was coming, and it would still scare them. Might be cool to take one of those leaping dogs props from Spirit and rig up a fake window and a breaking glass noisemaker to make the sound and have the dog jump through the window frame as someone passes by.

Completed and now installed:

Tree House Plant Facade

In the daylight it looks good.


At night, it looks positively spooky. Like an actual "Walking Dead" prop, if I do say so myself.
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I used an old solar lantern which has a nice eire yellowish look to it. I'm debating small "Umbrella Corp" logos in each of the panes of glass. Might be overkill, but I do like the little details!!!

I also took precautions to avoid a lawsuit and having this prop blow over or be pulled over and injure someone. I drilled holes for 1ft railroad spikes through the 3 wooden legs and hampered them down into the lawn. It's super-solid and has no problem when the permit box is pulled open and pushed closed.

Secondary zombie "we're open/dead" for business sign is in the works. Also continuing work on my "t-virus" briefcase. Pictures soon to follow.
following this for sure! Great work... Im also doing zombies this year!
on a side note, is that just scrap wood you used for the permits prop?
I really like what you have done so far , the permit idea was brilliant , but i,m guessing your gonna need a lot more , it sounds amazing and i hope your going to keep us all up to date with plenty of photos i cannot wait to see how it all progresses .
90% complete on the Virus/AntiVirus briefcase... Just need to add some labels to my chrome labels under each vial and paint the black caps to silver. Used some photos off the internet in a picture frame.

Technology Electronic device Games

Was going to make my own, but these look pretty good. I'll see if I have more time and creativity for it.

Technology Screen Electronic device Display device Neon

@redmms250713 - Wood was scrap to answer your question. They're 8ft posts for fence making. I have 3 more and was now considering making 2 little "zombie stoppers". 3, 3ft sections bolted together. Mimicking the Walking Dead defenses of the church, forgot what season.

Love to see all your zombie work too. I joined the zombie group and will post all my how too's, probably after Halloween. Not many members, I was surprised.
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