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Using a color printer or even black & white if needed.
Print 100 pages with 4 different sizes of spiders on them on recycled card stock (as long as one side is clear for the spiders).
Spray the backs of the cards with fire retardent, let dry then spray the front.
It is actually better if the moisture causes these to warp or curl a bit.

After it is dry cut out the spiders, you should now have 400 paper spiders.
Bend the legs at the joints so they can freestand on the table.

Take old mylar copier / overhead projector transparency stock. Since every office uses a projector & powerpoint these days you can get these for free all day long just for asking. Cut into 1" wide strips 8.5" long. (Thats 11 strips per sheet - so you will only need 37 sheets)

Staple one end of the Plastic strips to the belly side of the spider,
do this by punching down through the spiders body with the plastic strip pointing to the butt and the excess protruding past the head.
(This is important so no sharp staple edges come into contact with you guests)

Randomly staple the other end of the plastic to the walls of your hallway so as to make a curved arch to hold the spider out from the wall, so it is a bit springy and out from the wall a few inches. The distance out and spring can be adjusted by bending or pinching the plastic.
(To do this place the spider facing head down, and belly facing you.) This should leave a clear strip of plastic pointing down past the head. (Staple as close to the end of the plastic as possible.)

When the hallway is full of spiders crawling all over the walls,
Paint an oscillating fan black and hang it above or somewhere in the hallway where its motion will allow it to blow on as many spiders as possible causing them to move & vibrate.
Then to top it off add fine strings or peacock feathers sticking down or out to brush the guests face & skin as they pass by.

Have fun instilling Arachnaphobia in your friends. ;)

Pleasant Screams,

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This sounds like a pretty good and economical effect. How did it work for you? Did you have any problem with people tearing down your "spider strips"

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Oooohhh man. I can imagine this to be brilliant for a haunt.. you could place obstacles so that the guests can't walk clean down the middle of the hallway and have to crowd a little closer to the walls (and the spiders). Awesome! The cutting out must be hell, though.
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