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Sure, I run www.replicaprops.com and I am actually in the Movie and TV prop business. I am Licensed by Warner Brothers and DC Comics to produce Props from The Television show Smallville.

I also produce self contained sound modules which is the reason im here on this forum. The sound modules are programmable and can be applied to every application.
Sound module programmable sound recorder

if you have a haunt or a prop you would like to add sound to you can upload the WAV files to me and Ill program the sound module with your files. You then can install the module in your project.

The sound module can be set up to play each sound you upload with its own button. The sounds can be looped or set to play in a certain order depending on the switch pressed. You can hook right into a speaker with it's onboard 0.5 watt amp, or you can hook up to an external amp for louder volume.

Here is my youtube channel which has some of the demos of customer uploads.
YouTube - replicaprops's Channel

I supply the sound module which is a small micro chip, you supply battery, switch and speakers. It can be mounted on a bread board or soldered.
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