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Remote timer hack help

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Cant see any other posts that are sorta the same as this so here goes, i have made a simple electric chair prop that uses a 12v timer cycle relay board to stop and start bits and pieces of the prop, i was wondering if its possible to link the timer to an older style single push button hard wired remote that i have for a fog machine that doesnt get used much anymore

So in short i want the cycle timer to open its circuit, do its bit with the chair, and activate the fog machine (which is always hot at the mains, awaiting signal from remote)

Cycle timer -

Example of hard wire remote used -
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I have done it before. All you have to do is to wire a relay contact (normally open) across the switch. You would take one wire attached to one side of the switch to the "common" on your relay and the other side of the switch to the "normal open" side of the relay. Just verify that the relay contacts are not whetted which means they do not have any voltage applied to the contacts. I have done this with three of my fog machines and it has worked great to the last 3 years. Hope this helps. Keith
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