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remote power

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I was at Walmart today and saw something in the camping section.
Supposed to be able to run appliances off of this rechargable power sourc.

This isnt exactly what I saw... but what do you think of it.
Walmart.com: Wagan 400 Watt Power Dome Jumpstarter with Air Compressor and 5 LED Utility Lights: Home Improvement

what I found was in the camping section.

I thought it might be good to use for Halloween night to power something w/o an extention cord.
The box had examples of how long it could run different types of appliances.

any comments? pros/cons?
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All it is ( for changing or AKA inverting ) DC to AC voltage is commonly called an INVERTOR . They sell just INVERTORs at Wally world and same like places . And FTR - they take a LOT of power to invert UP. ( more amps getting sucked , means less battery time . And it takes AMPS to power UP from 12 volts , to 120 volts .

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Yeah, I saw that in the camping section as well when in a hurry trying to get actual camping supplies...

(it was built to run household appliances, and had outlets already, no need to stepup/down)

I didn't read all the lengths for the different things, but as long as you weren't drawing too many amps it looks like it would last the night no problems. A couple lights, or a single prop or something. It was a wee bit pricey, IIRC? though there might have been more than one model, can't recall exactly, been a few months. I'm curious how the price/performance compares to a PC UPS.
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