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I'm proud to present 'TrackSkull' to the public.

First off... Thank you to all of my beta testers, I couldn't have done it without you (especially you, Brad)!

This application was originally written to allow someone to use their own head and a joystick to record routines for use in VSA. It has since morphed to what you see below (including "LIVE" puppet mode for your Props.)...

•Head Tracking via TrackIR Camera
•Joystick Support (3 Axis and 3 Buttons) *DirectX 9 or greater required.
•Endurance RC Analog Reader

•3 levels of filtering of Camera and/or Joystick
-----◦Allowing for easier centering and control
•Smoothing algorithm

----- ◦"Real-time" on screen feedback of captured motion
---------- ‣Head Tracking represented by 3D Cube
---------- ‣Joystick represented by sliders and indicators
----- ◦"Real-time" Puppet mode for output to a servo controller:
---------- ‣Control a 3-Axis Skull, Lighting, or other props.
•Recording of Inputs at 30 fps (frames per second)
-----◦Puppet Mode and OnScreen feedback available while recording

•The following controller types are supported
-----◦DMX 8bit (such as Medusa DMX board)
-----◦DMX 16bit {Not available yet}

•Music (WAV, MP3, MIDI) playing while recording to help sync movements.
•Export recording for use in Brookshire's Visual Show Automation.



Explanation of Main Screen:

Soon to Come:
Video Demos

For a full list of features, screenshots, and to download / register, visit: MonkeyBasic - TrackSkull
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