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Reindeer type motor with more torque

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I am building a stirring witch prop like the one here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lbwsIYIkPdI. I have a reindeer motor but it's not strong enough to move the head. The head is a mask with a Styrofoam mannequin head inside. any suggestions on a different motor that will mount to the pvc frame and have more torque than the reindeer motor?
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Makes sense. I have the motor as low as it can go. If I go lower the hurricane clip will hit the cross pipe. I will play with the linkage some more, and try adding a weight. I wonder if I have a defective motor though. I thought if it gets hung up it will reverse direction. Mine just gets stuck and wont reverse. When the head goes down it also seems to slip a bit causing the head to drop quickly. Should it be doing this? I got it from Fright props, it looks a little different than the one Cyclone Jack has in his video.
I used to use these motors several years ago and found out quickly they can't handle a lot of weight. Trial and error and i could use them on a few props but I did burn several of them out so i went with wiper motors instead. I actually went in and completely took apart one of the deer motors that wasnt working anymore and found out that all the gears in these motors are plastic. Ended up that several teeth were broke or wore off inside the motor which caused it to hang up and lock between gears. The small plastic gears just dont handle the usage we put them through with Halloween props. With minor adjustments you can get them to work great but it is my experience that after a couple seasons you will have to replace them if there is much torque on your prop and with the falling of the head so quick each little jerk on those gears will break them after time.
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