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So did it work?

Hey all,

Followed this thread, wondering if kentuckyspecialfx did post a video of how he made it work or not?

I just moved to my new home and have a nice sized lawn to do a grave yard with. I was one of those that bought the Chauvet foggers last year and had issues, so returned it. This year, I am looking at getting the VEI 960. I am also pissed that during my move I hired some trash guys to dump everything and completely forgot my fog chillers were out back and they were trashed! So I have to make a new one.. hence my interest in this thread.

So if anyone has built a working example of this, I'd love to see how it was done. Given that the ice chest, PVC and such will cost me $40 or so to build a new chiller, if I can find an old used dorm fridge and a little bit of materials to do something similar, would love to consider it.

1 - 1 of 39 Posts
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